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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lemon Juice Anyone?

Well, it's Sunday again! This week's Fun Filled Friday Challenge is to use the Lemon Juice Technique. I just learned of this not too long ago & challenged Kimmy to create with it this week. Have you heard of it before? Have you created with it? If not, now's your chance!

The Lemon Juice technique is used to create an aged, distressed type look to projects. Not many people are aware of this and it's a shame because it's very quick and easy!
The supplies required for this technique are lemon juice, white or ivory cardstock, a heat gun, stamps and ink, and the instructions are easy to follow....
Cut your cardstock to the size you need for the image you'll be stamping. Dip your finger in the lemon juice and rub it on the cardstock. The amount of coverage is up to you. Cover the whole thing, add just a few streaks here and there, or only add lemon juice just around the edges. There is no right or wrong! Next, heat the cardstock with your heat gun holding it just a couple inches away. This will take quite a bit longer than if you were embossing. The heat needs to first dry the lemon juice, and then begin to "burn" it, creating the brown distressed look. Just keep heating it until it looks as dark as you want it. If you just want to age around the edges, then that's where you'll aim your heat gun. The longer you heat it of course, the darker it will be. Your cardstock will warp a little but that just goes with the distressed look. Once you achieve the look you want, stamp your image on top, color it, and complete your card. It's that simple!
The awesome thing about this technique is it makes your stamp room smell good, LOL! There's nothing like the clean, fresh scent of lemons!
So, why don't you join Kimmy and I this week and create something distressed with lemon juice?
I'd love to see your projects! Make sure to check back on Friday--that's when I'll show you mine!


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