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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Sunday! We're getting ready for the first Fun-Filled Friday!

Good morning everyone! I am happy to announce that this week Kimmy and I will post our first Fun-Filled Friday project! Fridays will be the days we post our challenge projects on our blogs. We've decided that we will announce the challenge on Sundays, but pictures of the finished projects won't be displayed on our blogs until the following Friday.

Kimmy gave this week's challenge. She bought 2 stamps for $1.00 each at Joann's and they are a different style then what we normally stamp with. Both stamps are from Hampton Arts titled, New York Diva and Rome Diva. It will be interesting to see what we make with both stamps. I've already started working on both of them. Please check back on Friday to see our finished projects.

Well, this has been a rough weekend for all members of the Stamp Shack. The site went down Friday evening & the owner is away on vacation until April 28th. We are all having "Stamp Shack withdrawals" and realize how badly we are all addicted to the site. We've all been forced to do 'other' things like cleaning, shopping or spend quality time in our stamping rooms rather than spend endless hours chit-chatting on the Shack message board & checking endless pictures of inspiration in the gallery. I know I have been spending a lot of my time "blog-hopping," and I'm sure many of the other Shackies are too. If any of my Shack friends are reading this and you don't have me listed on your blog roll, please add me! Looks like email and blogs will be the only ways of communication until the Shack comes back. Hopefully, we won't have to wait until Sherry gets back from her vacation before the Shack is restored. What a long week it will be if that is the case!

Well other than blog hopping this weekend, I also worked yesterday & today, and today, I'm planning on picking up the house & planning out dinner for the rest of the week. I ordered 18 (!) stamps from the Rubbernecker Stamp Company last week and I was hoping I would find them in my mailbox yesterday so I could spend all afternoon today playing with them. However, there was nothing but bills in there. (YUCK!) Guess I'll have to wait until Monday to get those stamps inky!

So, How did you spend your weekend?

Hope it was wonderful and full of much needed rest. :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Furniture!

Well, today will conclude all of our house building pictures. The pictures you see today are pretty much where we are as far as decorating goes. These pictures were taken just last week, on April 2nd.

Here is our Kitchen with the 5 bar stools along the island. In this picture the vertical blinds are open, but I had to close them for the next few in order to get good pictures. You can see our blinds this way too!

Here is our oak Kitchen table and chairs. It can seat up to 8 comfortably & has 2-one foot self-storing leaves. I love that they are stored right inside the table.

Here's our family room furniture, a sofa, love seat & recliner chair. Between all 3 pieces we have 5 recliners! This fabric is a microsuede, & oh so soft. When we were shopping for this furniture I described this set as a bunch of big brown bears that cuddle you up when you sit in them--they are so comfortable! I love this set!

And finally, our Master Bedroom set, King size bed, 2 night stands, a chest dresser, and a horizontal dresser with a mirror, all hand-carved oak. You can see our verticle blinds in the last picture as well.

Well, for now, our house is complete. We've only been here a month & we accomplished so much already! Most of all the big stuff is done. Now, we just have little things to do like hanging pictures on the wall, maybe get sometype of window treatments, and get a desk for our office. Oh, and we definately need a driveway & some grass! (Can't wait to get rid of the mud!) This will all come in due time, as the weather gets nicer.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing all of our pictures. I've enjoyed posting them for you to see. Later this week I hope to post some of my latest cards that I have been busy working on. Next week, my friend Kimmy, of Stamp, Scraps n' More, and I will start our bi-weekly challenges. We will challenge each other to create certain types of cards or designs and post them on our blogs. It should be fun to see what we come up with!

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Won, I Won!

A few days ago I was blog surfing & came across Kim's blog. She was having a blog candy contest giving away a bunch of stamps for the person who guessed the correct number of packages in a vase. You can see that post here. Well, my guess was closer than anyone else's & she is sending them all to me! Here's the winning announcement!

Final house pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Finishing Touches Part II: Carpet!

Happy Monday everyone! I know Monday's aren't usually happy days, but it is my day off & it's a beautiful day here in Michigan. The sun is shining bright & it's already 60 degrees outside (at 12:30pm) with a high expected of 65!

Well, we are almost up to date with all of our house pictures! There aren't alot left to show you, but today I will show you pictures of the carpet in each room. The carpet was completed on Feb. 22nd, 2008.
Here is the family room. The carpet here is a beige/off white shag carpet, and it has dark specs of brown in it.

Here's the dark gray carpet in our bedroom. Not sure what kind of carpet we picked, but it sure is soft under your feet! (I know it is some kind of regular plush carpet.)

This is the area rug we put in our office. It's fun and matches the olive green walls so well!

We put a burber carpet on the basement stairs. It is a beigey white with dark black, brown, & tan specks. They also carpeted the landing at the bottom of the stairs.

This is what we put in the spare bedrooms--nothing too fancy, just a regular plush carpet. I picked it for color, but supposedly it is 100% kid-proof! :-)

Well, thanks for visiting today. In my next post I'll have pictures of furniture and blinds, & that will about do it, since that will bring us up-to-date. Then later this week I'll get back to cardmaking & post some of my cards!

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finishing Touches Part I: Paint!

Finally, getting to the fun part--the finishing touches of our home! Today's pictures will show the finished kitchen, and all of our painted rooms, plus the final touch put on the fireplace!

First, the Master Bedroom, in Gray and white! I let my DH (Dear Husband) pick the colors for our bedroom, since I picked everything out for the rest of the house. He likes blacks, whites, and grays so I'm not surprised with his decision. Plus, I don't mind becuase this matches our comforter set for our bed from our old house. (We received it at our wedding shower just over a year ago, so the set is still fairly new. I didn't feel it was something that needed to be replaced just becuase we were moving into a new home.)

Here is a better look at the "pan" ceiling in our room. A little difficult to see becuase of all the natural light coming in the room from the window, but each level alternates gray and white. Now, there is a white ceiling fan in the center.

Here are pictures of our master bathroom, also done in gray paint. Here the mirror has been installed & the shower doors are in place!

This picture shows 1 of our spare bedrooms. They were both painted the same color-a neutral beige, since right now we don't really have a use for them. One actually has a spare bed in it, the other is my "scrap & craft" room. Both of these rooms were hard to get good pictures of with all of the sunlight coming in from the window. The closet is actully white, not green tinted like you see here!

Here is our family room! I just love it! Walls are a darker, more of a light brown when compared to our spare bedrooms. Ceiling is of course white! Scroll down to see a close up pictures of the fireplace!

Here is our gas fireplace. Trimmed in white & same brown color that is on the walls is rubbed into the decals & then wiped off.

Ahhh, our kitchen, on the other side of the family room! Here you can see our stainless steel appliances.

This picture shows a better view of the cooking area. Here, the back splash tile is done & you can see a sneak-peek of the pedastal sink in our half-bathroom

Here's our office! Painted in olive green. I love the color. Now we have a matching area rug on the floor--no desk yet, but we recently found one we like. Currently, this room is storing all of our unpacked boxes! It's alot more cluttered than what is seen in this picture!

Next up...our "first floor" laundry room! Oak cabinets, deep utility sink, a counter to fold clothes on, & front loading washer & dryer. Oh, yeah, a big closet too! Walls are painted same color as our spare bedrooms.

Here's the chandelier in our front door foyer. Out of everything we paid for in the house, it is our best bargin so far--on clearance at Home Depot, and it looks like we paid a million dollars for it! (OK, not really, but you get the idea!)

Well, that's it for today! Thanks for looking at my blog. I hope to continue with Part II either tomorrow or Saturday with carpet, and then later down the road with furniture & window treatments! As always...stay tuned for more!



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Without Further Adieu!

First off I just want to Thank all of my Shackie friends who congratulated me on my recent publication news and for letting me share my (extreme) excitement with them! I appreciate all of your support in helping me reach my goals. I think it's hilarious that some of them are calling me "Cover Girl!"

Now, without further adieu, let's get back to house pictures! (yeah!) These pictures range from January 24, 2008 to February 11th, 2008. We're not too far from the finished product!

The first 2 pictures I want to share with you today is of our kitchen cabinets. They are oak, & are custom made. We have 3 cabinets with pull out shelves (for bigger items like pots and pans etc.), a lazy susan, a built in spice rack, a cookies sheet holder, and one cabinets holds 2 garbage can like containers--one we actually use for garbage and the other we use for recycling pop cans.

As you can tell by this second picture we have an island which is where our kitchen sink & our dishwasher will be. You can also see the granite counter top that has been installed.

Here is the vanity cabinet in our Master bedroom. To take this picture I had to stand in the shower. It was the only way to get the whole cabinet in 1 picture!

And the one in our full bathroom. Both are also oak.

Here the garage doors have been installed and our exterior lights.

Here is the banister in our garage foyer, all painted and stained. Of course the basement stairs are on the other side!

This is our future office! Here the wood floor is almost finished (and a little dusty!)

Thanks for visiting today! Soon you will see our finished kitchen will all appliances and our paint and carpet choices. Please stay tuned! More house pictures to come in the next few days!




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