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Monday, April 7, 2008

Finishing Touches Part II: Carpet!

Happy Monday everyone! I know Monday's aren't usually happy days, but it is my day off & it's a beautiful day here in Michigan. The sun is shining bright & it's already 60 degrees outside (at 12:30pm) with a high expected of 65!

Well, we are almost up to date with all of our house pictures! There aren't alot left to show you, but today I will show you pictures of the carpet in each room. The carpet was completed on Feb. 22nd, 2008.
Here is the family room. The carpet here is a beige/off white shag carpet, and it has dark specs of brown in it.

Here's the dark gray carpet in our bedroom. Not sure what kind of carpet we picked, but it sure is soft under your feet! (I know it is some kind of regular plush carpet.)

This is the area rug we put in our office. It's fun and matches the olive green walls so well!

We put a burber carpet on the basement stairs. It is a beigey white with dark black, brown, & tan specks. They also carpeted the landing at the bottom of the stairs.

This is what we put in the spare bedrooms--nothing too fancy, just a regular plush carpet. I picked it for color, but supposedly it is 100% kid-proof! :-)

Well, thanks for visiting today. In my next post I'll have pictures of furniture and blinds, & that will about do it, since that will bring us up-to-date. Then later this week I'll get back to cardmaking & post some of my cards!

Have a wonderful day!


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