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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blue Ribbon Award!

Double Take ribbons are given to Stamp Shack members who post work in the gallery that causes viewers to do a double-take, or when a viewer spots a stamped project that makes them say, "WOW! Check this out!!!" The Stamp Shack Creative Team recognizes stamped projects that have made them say exactly this!

The Creative Team showcases the best of the best, and this doesn't necessarily mean projects with the most embellishments, those that use the "hippest and trendiest" stamps, or what is currently popular in the rubber stamping scene. Recognition for this section is given at the discretion of the Creative Team for exemplary creativity and execution of stamping techniques. The Creative Team looks for artwork which utilizes creative techniques; those that are non-cookie cutter, or for artists who bring unique ideas to the Stamp Shack which have never been tried before.

I am proud to say that I've won my first Double-Take blue ribbon on the Stamp-Shack!

Here is my winning card...with ribbon attached!

I posted this card on my blog about a week ago. You can see the post here to learn how I made it.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



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