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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Balloons!

Not sure if this is a Michigan thing or if its world wide, but did you know there's a helium shortage? I learned this a little more than a month ago when preparing for my Son's first birthday party. I tried to order 2 dozen helium filled balloons several weeks before his party and I was informed of the shortage by several local party supply stores. All of them were unable to take orders prior to 1 week before the event because they weren't sure if they'd have helium to fill my request. I was shocked! How can you have a birthday party, especially a FIRST birthday party without balloons!?!? I guess this is another one of those things like water, natural gas and oil, that many of us take for granted. Once it's gone it's gone! Well, luckily for us, it all worked out and we had balloons for Anthony's first birthday party!

The Balloon challenge on the DRS Designs Blog this week reminded me of my helium dilemma. It looks like this Here For the Party Cutie Pie Kid (670K) had no problems getting helium for her balloon! LOL! I've also used several other DRS stamps to create this card: the Birthday Sheet Music (763P) for the background, the Easy Grass Background (059E) for the grass blades and the One Line Happy Birthday (250B) sentiment.

Is there a helium shortage in your area? I'm curious if this is worldwide or if it only affects the states.

Thanks for checking out my Balloon card!


1 comment:

Angela said...

This is such a cute birthday card, Jennifer!

I probably used up the helium single handedly for my daughters birthday parties over the years. She's now 21 and I've not filled a balloon for her since her Sweet 16 party which we had 100.


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